Lhasey Lotsawa relies upon the generous contribution of our supporters. In accordance with our aspiration to make our translations available globally, further support is greatly needed. Volunteering opportunities are available across a wide spectrum of activities— from primary text translation to sales and marketing, you can help contribute to our ongoing mission to ensure that the Buddha’s teachings are available to the widest audience possible. Regardless of your location, any time and skills that you have to offer in the following areas would participate in supporting the study and practice of students worldwide.

List of Volunteer Positions

Media and Marketing:

  • Media and marketing coordinator
  • Website content manager
  • Social media update volunteers
  • Promotional material designers

Sales and finance:

  • Sales manager
  • Fundraising team


  • Experienced translators
  • Native language editors
  • Native language proofreaders


  • Typesetters
  • Graphic designers
  • Legal counsellors
  • IT support for online publishing


  • Archive coordinator
  • Archiving volunteers
  • Transcribers and note takers
  • IT support