Lhasey Lotsawa relies upon the generous contribution of our supporters. In accordance with our aspiration to make our translations available globally, further support is greatly needed. Volunteering opportunities are available across a wide spectrum of activities— from primary text translation to sales and marketing, you can help contribute to our ongoing mission to ensure that the Buddha’s teachings are available to the widest audience possible. Regardless of your location, any time and skills that you have to offer in the following areas would participate in supporting the study and practice of students worldwide.

List of Volunteer Positions

Currently we are looking for:

  • Translators and Editors
    • We always need more people to help with our texts. If you have strong knowledge of both the source languages (English and/or Tibetan) and target languages (English or your native language) please contact us and see how you can help. Familiarity with Dharma topics and the specialized terminology found in practice texts and commentaries is also a necessity. If you have editing skills, you can help polish our texts without knowing the source language.
  • Writers
    • Lhasey Lotsawa needs help with the editing of oral transcripts and the compilation of teachings in the form of books or booklets. If you are someone with good writing skills and familiarity with Dharma terms and concepts, we could use your help!
  • IT 
    • Help make our work more easily accessible! We are looking for someone with IT and writing skills to help with the updating and maintenance of our website.
  • Fundraising
    • A fundraiser with communication skills and, ideally, fundraising experience.
  • Data Input
    • Someone with basic language skills who can convert our dharma dictionary into a spreadsheet glossary and keep updating it.
  • Graphic Design
    • Help make Lhasey Lotsawa shine! We are looking for a graphic designer with experience in marketing.
  • Representatives of LLTP around the world
    •  With our global vision, it always helps to have people in different countries to share information about LLTP, our fundraising, and distribute texts.