The Nekhor App

Posted on October 27, 2021

Today, on Lhapap Düchen—the Festival of the Descent from Heaven—we are pleased to announce the release of our revised Nekhor app. As today is amongst the most sacred of days associated with the Shakyamuni Buddha, we encourage everyone to explore the Eight Great Sacred Sites of the Buddha, featured in our app. Within these eight sites is Samkashya, the place of the Buddha's descent from the Heaven of the Thirty-Three. There, on the app Nekhor, you can learn more about the significance of this incredibly auspicious holiday.

“Nekhor” in Tibetan means “circling the sacred,” or simply “pilgrimage.” This is exactly what this app will help you do: discover the sacred sites of the great Buddhist masters of the past.

Beginning with Buddha Shakyamuni, from whom all streams of Buddhism in our modern age have flowed, and Guru Padmasambhava, the forefather of Tibetan Buddhism, we invite the intrepid spiritual seeker to journey with us through South Asia and explore the physical landscape that is the literal foundation of the Dharma. As Nekhor develops, we aspire to include even more sacred sites associated with such authentic masters.

To find the Nekhor app, just search “Nekhor” in your device’s app store (available in both the Apple and Google App stores), and download it to your phone or tablet. May it become a trusted companion to your journey! For more information on the Nekhor project, please visit our website at