IMPORTANT: To read the following texts, it is vital that you have received the relevant empowerments and oral transmissions. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. These texts are offered to the saṇgha here as free downloads with the understanding that they will be used acordingly, only by those who have the necessary empowerments and oral transmissions.

Regarding this, RigpaWiki explains:

Empowerment (Tib. དབང་Wyl. dbangwang) refers to the Vajrayāna ritual which awakens the special capacity for primordial wisdom (Tib. yeshe) to arise in the mind of the disciple. It is called 'empowerment' because when we receive it, we are empowered to follow a particular spiritual practice, and so come to master its realization. It is said:

In the Secret Mantra Vehicle, there can be no accomplishment without empowerment,
For that would be like a boatman without oars.
Without empowerment there's no accomplishment;
You can't get oil from pressing sand.

Empowerments can only be granted by qualified vajra masters and require for the students receiving them to maintain the specific vajrayāna precepts (Skt. samaya), on the basis of the refuge and bodhisattva vows. Read more...

Oral transmission (Tib. ལུང་lung; Wyl. lung; Skt. āgama) — It is important to receive an oral transmission (sometimes called 'aural transmission' or 'reading transmission') from a teacher, in order to create an auspicious connection with a particular text or practice. In the case of tantric texts, such as sādhanas or commentaries, this transmission occurs once one has received the relevant empowerment.

The reading transmission is passed down from master to student when the student listens to the teacher reading a text for which he or she holds a transmission, ultimately going back to the author of the text. In this way, the student receives the blessing of the lineage without which he or she will not be able to understand the text fully in all its depth. Some teachers even consider it inappropriate to look at and read a dharma text for which one has not yet received a transmission.

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Narak Kongshak

Emptying the Lower Realms from their Very Depths, The Sovereign Practice for the Confession of all Impairments and Breakages of Vows and All Negative Actions and Obscurations, translated by Rigpa Translations.

The Heart of Confessions

The Heart of Confessions ~ The King of Purification༔ From Vajrasattva’s Stainless Secret༔ translated by Rigpa Translations.

Dharmapāla Offerings

Tseringma Torma Offering

A Concise Torma Dedication for the Teaching and Treasure Guardians of Tukdrub Barché Künsel.

The Swift Activity

A torma offering to the three roots and dharmapālas, also known as Lama Yidam.

Gathering Offerings


The Self-Occurring Lotus Essence Tantra that Liberates through Recitation, with Recitation Method

This profound and yet pithy tantra is praised by Jamyang Khyentsé Wangpo as “the epitome of all the tantras, statements, and instructions; the quintessence of one billion heart practices; and the basis or root of the teachings of the Lamé Tukdrup Barché Künsel, which are endowed with inconceivable blessings and wonders.” Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa revealed this in connection with the emanation of Guru a Rinpoche known as Pema Jungne, and Jamyang Khyentsé Wangpo composed the accompanying “recitation method”.

A Liberation Upon Hearing

Here is the profound instruction that liberates upon hearing, one of the six dharmas that bring enlightenment even without practice. It is the enlightened activity of the vidyādhara Pema Jungné, drawn from the Tukdrup Barché Künsel’s Essence Manual of Oral Instructions.

A Concise Ritual for the Royal Poles

Here is a concise and convenient ritual for erecting and taking down the royal poles, arranged by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo for use during retreat.

Glorious Bestower of Siddhis

The lineage supplication for Tukdrub Barché Künsel, Accomplishing the Guru’s Wisdom Mind, Dispeller of All Obstacles.


The Bindu of Great Bliss

A sadhana for Lotus Essence, Chokgyur Lingpa’s great bodhisattva emanation from the Lotus-covered pure realm

Extracting the Essence of Immortality

The Practice Manual of Amitāyus, The Dharmakāya Guru of Boundless Light from Accomplishing the Guru’s Wisdom Heart, Dispeller of All Obstacles

Sangtik Purba Sādhana

The Practice of the Single Mudrā Vajrakumāra from the Trio of the Essential Secret (Sangtik Korsum).

The Essence of Benefit and Happiness

A short practice for the saving and releasing of lives, arranged in accordance with the dharmakāya guru of Tukdrub Barché Künsel, together with a brief explanation of the origin and benefits of such practice.

Shaker of Saṃsāra From its Depths

The Essential Sādhana for Shaker of Saṃsāra From its Depths, The Great Compassionate One, together with additional inserts for the gathering offering and so on.

Sang and Sur