The Bindu of Great Bliss

A sadhana for Lotus Essence, Chokgyur Lingpa’s great bodhisattva emanation from the Lotus-covered pure realm

Extracting the Essence of Immortality

The Practice Manual of Amitāyus, The Dharmakāya Guru of Boundless Light from Accomplishing the Guru’s Wisdom Heart, Dispeller of All Obstacles

Sangtik Purba Sādhana

The Practice of the Single Mudrā Vajrakumāra from the Trio of the Essential Secret (Sangtik Korsum).

The Essence of Benefit and Happiness

A short practice for the saving and releasing of lives, arranged in accordance with the dharmakāya guru of Tukdrub Barché Künsel, together with a brief explanation of the origin and benefits of such practice.

Shaker of Saṃsāra From its Depths

The Essential Sādhana for Shaker of Saṃsāra From its Depths, The Great Compassionate One, together with additional inserts for the gathering offering and so on.