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Dedications and Aspirations

Additional Tārā Aspirations

A collection of aspirations related to Tārā and commonly chanted with Essence of the Two Accumulations (Zabtik Drolchok).

The King of Aspiration Prayers

The most eminent of all sūtra aspiration prayers, from the Gaṇḍavyūha chapter of the Avataṃsaka sūtra, Translated by Rigpa Translations.

Sukhāvatī Aspiration Prayers

Two aspiration prayers to be reborn in Sukhāvatī, the Blissful Paradise, revealed by the treasure revealer Mingyur Dorje.

Lineage Supplications

General Lineage Supplications

The Seven-line Supplication, Trikāya Guru Supplication, Testament Supplication, and supplications to the Chokling Tersar lineage gurus.


Shrine Offering Prayer & Lamp Aspiration

An Ocean of Accomplishments, a verse for offering water received in a pure vision by the great treasure revealer Dudjom Lingpa, and the lamp aspiration composed by Mipham Rinpoche.

Required Mantras

The Vowels and Consonants mantra (Ali Kali), the Essence of Causation mantra, and the Hundred Syllables of Vajrasattva.

Great Praise of the Ten Acts of the Buddha

Praise of the Buddha: With Skilful Means & Compassion... by Nāgārjuna, and Short Praise of the Buddha's Deeds by Ārya Śūra, Translated by Patrick Gaffney of Rigpa Translations.

The Noble Wisdom of the Time of Death Sūtra

A Mahāyāna sūtra belonging to the third turning of the wheel of dharma. One of the ten profound sūtras that are said to expound the definitive and ultimate intent of Buddha’s doctrine.

Preliminary Practices and Sādhanas

Seed of Supreme Enlightenment

The Liturgy for the Preliminary Practices Adorned with Clarifications, From Lamé Tukdrub Barché Künsel, Accomplishing the Guru’s Wisdom Mind, Dispeller of All Obstacles.

Supplications & Guru Yoga

Sky Teaching Supplication

This supplication was re-revealed by Chokgyur Lingpa during a vision in which Ratna Lingpa appeared to him in person.

Sampa Nyur Drubma

The Prayer that Swiftly Fulfils All Wishes, translated by Rigpa Translations.

Mahā Guru Supplication

Mahā Guru Supplication, a prayer made by dākiṇī Yeshe Tsogyal and revealed as a treasure by Pema Lingpa, translated by Rigpa Translations.