"The gift of dharma exceeds all other gifts."
- Dhammapada, verse 354

A donation to Lhasey Lotsawa directly aids dharma practitioners by allowing them access to materials and teachings which would otherwise be unavailable to them. As Buddha says in the above quotation, this is an unsurpassable gift!

In general, our projects include: sādhanas and other liturgies (mainly from The New Treasures of Chokg yur Lingpa (Chokling Tersar)), the rare and precious Taklun g Kagyu Mahāmudrā teachings, books of Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche’s teachings, collections of the Buddha’s sūtras (bka’ ‘gyur), the teachings of Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), as well as spiritual biographies and autobiographies (rnam thar).

Our Costs

All proceeds from the sales of Lhasey Lotsawa products go towards funding further Lhasey Lotsawa Translations and Publications projects, and supporting our ongoing endeavor to make the teachings of our precious guru and of his lineage masters available to students across the world. This includes the translation of practice texts and of the writings of past masters, a time-consuming and demanding work that requires a team of translators, supported by editors and typesetters. It also includes the translation and the transcription of Rinpoche’s oral teachings. Transcripts are used by our writers, editors and typesetters to create new books and booklets to further inspire students in their study and practice. All Lhasey Lotsawa publications therefore require the contribution of a wide range of people and skills, in addition to the costs of printing and distribution. By contributing to Lhasey Lotsawa, you are thus supporting our team in their efforts to serve the dharma and beings. 

We welcome your support in any denomination. If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch . To contribute, just click here.

Current Projects

1. Producing a new standardized prayer book for the saṇgha

Under Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche’s guidance, we are compiling a new prayer book for the international saṇgha. This prayer book will contain all of the prayers, short daily practices, aspirations and so on that are most commonly used in our tradition together with several very blessed, yet less well-known liturgies that Rinpoche feels are of special importance and benefit.Producing a new standardized prayer book for the saṇgha

The aim of the prayer book is to provide all students with good quality and standardized translations of the main practice texts they need for their personal and group practice. The prayer book will contain Tibetan text, phonetics, and English translation. The prayer book will also include several images of deities.

This extensive prayer book will be a huge step in making the translations of these blessed practice texts more accessible, usable, complete, and also ensuring that the translations are consistent and accurate.

COST: USD 2000 (This covers the cost of translation, typesetting, design, and proofreading.)


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Thank you for your invaluable support. May all be auspicious!

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